The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You

The Nearest Exit May Be Behind YouAlternately unsettling and affirming, devastating and delicious, The Nearest Exit May Be Behind You is a new collection of essays on gender and identity by S Bear Bergman that is irrevocably honest and endlessly illuminating With humor and grace, these essays deal with issues from women s spaces

Rent Girl

Rent GirlA graphic and uncompromising autobiographical bender, the story of Tea s years as a prostitute, with provocative illustrations by Laurenn McCubbin.

The Chelsea Whistle

The Chelsea WhistleIn this gritty, confessional memoir, Michelle Tea takes the reader back to the city of her childhood Chelsea, Massachusetts a place where time and hope are spent on things not getting any worse Tea s girlhood is shaped by the rough fabric of the neighborhood and by its characters the soft


PotentialAriel Schrag continues her tumultuous passage through high school in the second book of her acclaimed series of frank, insightful, and painfully honest autobiographical graphic novels Written during the summer following her junior year at Berkeley High School in California, Potential recounts


Definitionby Ariel Schrag 10th grade anxiety in excess and frustration to the fullest Definition is the tale of one girl s plow through this tumultuous year Ariel Schrag has been critically acclaimed for her work in Definition Jennifer Joseph of The Bay Guardian said, Schrag s perceptiveness and

Stone Butch Blues

Stone Butch BluesWoman or man This internationally acclaimed novel looks at the world through the eyes of Jess Goldberg, a masculine girl growing up in the Ozzie and Harriet McCarthy era and coming out as a young butch lesbian in the pre Stonewall gay drag bars of a blue collar town Stone Butch Blues traces a

You've Got Fe-Mail!

You've Got Fe-Mail!Once upon a time, there was alesbian named Kristin who wanted nothing than to find her true love Afterseveral broken relationships she turned towards the internet This book is adiary of a lesbian who posted an online ad, then added her photo and then thecourting began This book documents the

Lynnee Breedlove's One Freak Show

Lynnee Breedlove's One Freak ShowBreedlove has talent coming out of her ears Dodie Bellamy, San Francisco Chronicle Uninhibited humor lends tender insight and perspective to a gender politics debate that often takes place in a fiercely contentious atmosphere Billy Tania, The San Francisco Bay Times Offers hilarious,

Don Juan in the Village

Don Juan in the VillageFrom the lesbian bars of New York City to the back streets of Fez, from the S M scene in Los Angeles to the calm ocean depths off a Caribbean island, the heroine of Don Juan in the Village is ever on the prowl In search of the longed for, idealized lover, she finds instead a series of wrenching,

The Five Lesbian Brothers Guide to Life

The Five Lesbian Brothers Guide to LifeCongratulations, fellow lesbo You have just been invited to join the award winning nationally acclaimed theater troupe as they move from the stage to the page With all their wit intact, they declare, you can use this book to make you laugh, to make your friends cry, to upset your parents, to


ValenciaValencia is the fast paced account of one girl s search for love and high times in the drama filled dyke world of San Francisco s Mission District Through a string of narrative moments, Tea records a year lived in a world of girls there s knife wielding Marta, who introduces Michelle to a new