Echoes from the Oasis

Echoes from the OasisIn early 1900 on the island of Mahe in the Seychelles, women were confined to specific roles and expectations, and custom and traditions prevailed with reverence But, 16 year old Anna, being passionate, nature loving and rebellious, wanted out of life She had different desires and bigger

Contes et poèmes des Seychelles (poésie/prose africaine)

Contes et poèmes des Seychelles (poésie/prose africaine)Les contes r unis ici r pondent un besoin imp rieux de conserver le patrimoine culturel des Seychellois et de maintenir la tradition Nous avions en effet autrefois nos R griots , mais ils sont presque tous morts aujourd hui Un effort de r cup ration a donc t entrepris par lequel je souhaite

Voices: Short stories from the Seychelles Islands

Voices: Short stories from the Seychelles IslandsNow in its 3rd edition, complete with fresh design and extra stories, the evergreen Voices collection of Seychelles short stories by Glynn Burridge describes the strange secrets, realities and fantasies of life on Seychelles Outer Islands where the author lived for two decades Reviewed by the

Hostage: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali Gangsters

Hostage: A Year at Gunpoint with Somali GangstersOn 23 October 2009, British couple Paul and Rachel Chandler were kidnapped from their sailing boat in the archipelago of the Seychelles Their yacht, Lynn Rival, was recovered six days later by naval forces, abandoned off the central Somali coast After the attack, Paul and Rachel were taken first

Stranded in the Seychelles

Stranded in the SeychellesBev and Carol are back and looking for a new adventure This time, they fly off to the Seychelles to teach students of the National Youth Service They are provided with a beautiful house on Mah and commute to work on the tiny island of Ste Anne in a World War II landing craft Lush, sunny and

Sins Of The Past

Sins Of The PastFive years ago Riva Singleman lost her heart and her virginity to sexy Italian businessman Damiano D Amico While she wasn t a hundred percent truthful with Damiano, it was nothing compared to the web of lies he spun Devastated by Damiano s betrayal, Riva fled carrying away another secret of

African Politics: A Very Short Introduction

African Politics: A Very Short IntroductionAfrica is a continent of 54 countries and over a billion people However, despite the rich diversity of the African experience, it is striking that continuations and themes seem to be reflected across the continent, particularly south of the Sahara Questions of underdevelopment, outside

Slaving and Slavery in the Indian Ocean

Slaving and Slavery in the Indian OceanWhen Britain seized the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius and Bourbon and the later settled satellite of Seychelles collectively known as the Mascareignes during the Napoleonic War, after outlawing the slave trade itself, it became a question whether the British anti slave trade statutes should be

Seychelles National Park

Seychelles National ParkSeychelles National Park is a chain of islands and coral reefs submerged under water and some above water, with some of the world s largest reefs in the world Animals like the giant tortoise were introduced, and love their habitat, enjoy this fine interactive educational book with journal, prayer,

For Your Eyes Only (James Bond, #8)

For Your Eyes Only (James Bond, #8)Bond watched her as she reached the edge of the tables and came up the aisle It was hopeless She was coming to meet someoneher lover She was the sort of woman who always belongs to somebody else What damnable luck Before Bond could pull himself together, the girl had come up to his table and