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A Street Through Time Revised and updated for a new generation In a series of fourteen intriguing illustrations, the award winning A Street Through Time tells the story of human history by exploring a street as it evolves from , BCE to the present day Watch the landscape and daily lives of the street s inhabitants change, as the small settlement grows into a city, is struck by war and plague, and gains trade and industry Throughout, children are asked to study the photos in order to find a time traveler in each scene, as well as to pick out interesting details, encouraging them to pore over the unique illustrations andeasily learn about the historical background

  • Paperback
  • A Street Through Time
  • Anne Millard
  • English
  • 21 November 2019
  • 0756697921

About the Author: Anne Millard

Steve Noon is an artist from Kent, England Educated at Art College in Cornwall, he is the illustrator of A City Through Time, A Port Through Time, and A Street Through Time, as well as The Story of the Nile and The Story of the Titanic He has received numerous awards for his illustrations, including the Shankei Childrens Literature Prize in 2001 and the Longman History Today History Book of the Year in 2000.Anne Millard has written or acted as historical adviser on countless books, including DKs A Street Through Time As a child, she listened to a radio show called How Things Began and decided there and then she wanted to be a historian and archeologist A specialist in Egyptology, she divides her time between London and Dorset, England

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