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Oliviero Toscani Oliviero Toscani is one of world s most high profile image makersBest known for his shocking advertising campaigns particularly those for the United Colors of Benetton fromtoFeaturing Toscani s most famous campaigns and exploring his drive to make provocative images that focus on controversial themes, ranging from religion and sex to politics and body imageContributions from key people in the fashion, photography and advertising industries including Anna Wintour, David Bowie, Bill Cunningham, Valentino and David BaileyTies in with an exhibition in Octoberin MilanThis book is made up of overarticles on various themes and campaigns key to Oliviero Toscani s extraordinary career spanning over fifty years particularly his work with Benetton fromto , which was some of the most shocking advertising ever seen in some cases provoking lawsuits and the removal of Benetton clothing from stores However, he worked wonders for the company, making it into one of the world s most recognized clothing brands despite no items of clothing appearing in the campaigns betweenand Laid out in a magazine format, it covers his work from being the creative force behind brands and advertising campaigns, to his work on numerous social design projects The book also looks in detail at Toscani himself, with contributions from some of the leading people he has worked with over the years, such as Anna Wintour, David Bowie, Bill Cunningham, Valentino and Naomi CampbellToscani s photography often depicts what no one has ever dared to explore before in advertising, such as homosexuality, racism and anorexia This controversial approach to photography as a medium for sending provocative messages is what he is most renowned for and is looked at in detail in this bookContents Foreword Introduction overthemed articles including Andy Warhol s Factory New York, New York Vogue shoot Jeans and Jesus Black and White The Benetton Years The Balkans No Anorexia Made in Italy The New Italian Landscape Out in Africa